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Minecraft - #1 Simple stone survival refuge Tutorial! [House Design]

First episode of my House Designs series, I am probably still making changes in the way I make these videos. Expect different kind of videos for the rest of the episodes.

Minecraft - top 1 easy ways to troll your friends

A kind of Parody on the countless ''blahblah ways to troll your friends / annoy them / kill them''. I'd say lava just does about everything. It's quick, easy, painful, and a lot more messy than most suggestions of other videos.

Classics and Bits [Original]

An original song, by my brother and I. Enjoy!

Minecraft Music Videos #4 - Danny Wiessner "The World Is Saved 

A cover of ''The World Is Saved'' from Danny Wiessner, as seen on IGNs channel. To be honest, I don't think this cover has been done all too well, but hey, it was worth a shot.

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